Live stream and upload videos for your paid members only.

Engage your members online.

Live stream and upload videos to your own dedicated online portal, with the ability to take one-off or recurring payments from your members.

Engage with your members and earn income online.

Broadcast from anywhere.

Live stream to your members anytime, anywhere using Memberstream.

Connect directly to our platform using your phone or computer, hit record and share your talent with your community.

Build a content library.

Any livestreams can be automatically added to your library of content within the portal or you can upload pre-recorded videos and other content.

Build yourself an online asset that you can share with existing and new members for the long-term.

How it works.

You receive a customised member portal with your branding and preferred colour scheme.

Simply invite your members to register and start taking payments – all handled seamlessly through Memberstream.

Start live streaming and uploading content and build your online community.


$ 50 per month
  • 25 members free, then $1 per member, per month.
  • Start live streaming within 24hrs
  • Customised design including your logo & colour scheme
  • No contracts, cancel anytime
$499 SETUP

Our story.

Memberstream is an Australian based company helping our clients around the world engage with their members online through live and pre-recorded video.

We provide a simple way to deliver this content only to your members and only to those who pay.

It’s our mission to help our customers grow their business online and we’ve seen dance studios, gyms, yoga studios, schools, influencers, event managers and many more look to add this to their existing business.

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